You have tested positive for the mutant X-gene and have been missing for the past 24 or the run from Sentinel Services. The mutant underground network has developed a simulator app to help fleeing mutants escape to the border, safely out of Sentinel Service’s jurisdiction.​​​​​​​
Using AI to create a real-time escape-to-the-border simulation, with a skill-based finale.
1. Simulation
Watch your simulation play out using AI real-time data. Manipulate the game through a set of parameters.
2. Escape Attempt
Complete a skill-based task to determine if you escape. Example: Try to escape through a portal.


The duration of the simulation is based on each player’s geolocation: their actual distance from the border.
The datasets that affect the core gameplay can be taken from Google Maps API’s:
· Travel time and distance for multiple destinations
· Timezone data across the US, Canada and Mexico
· Directions between multiple locations

Example Narrative Scenarios:
Sentinel Service drones are active in the Navajo Nation Reservation area (based on nearby Police station data).
You might take a route that is shorter or longer to avoid them.
There is a hurricane warning across most parts of Texas (based on weather data).
You might change your mode of transport to avoid flying.
Alter the parameters in-game (TBC):
· Mode of transport
· Departure time
· Escape point
Each player has a different narrative based on the escape point they choose and their in-game decisions. Each escape route has a script that pulls in real-time data such as transport and weather conditions - players are essentially ‘editing’ their own story as they progress.
Each escape point is assigned a different difficulty of exercise to complete which is based on your in-game decisions.
· Fail miserably - you die.
· Fail moderately - you get captured.
· Succeed - you escape.
EXAMPLE: 5 circles move around the screen. Practice hitting all the points on the circle to create a portal.
Whether they are captured, killed or escape, players are rewarded with a cutscene of relevant content from the show, giving them a glimpse of this world.
**we have used examples from the show but we could shoot some less related options
UNLOCKABLE CONTENT: As a reward for playing the game more, new exclusive content such as bios, artwork and mutant powers can be pushed to the content hub. We can also push content here as and when new characters are introduced during the show or to coincide with new episodes airing.

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